Our Services


Group Coaching Sessions

Available for Humanly Positive @ WORK and @ SCHOOL. Consistent of 4 Weekly coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each with groups between 5 to 10 people to enable them to find the clarity they need to improve their own situations and  move forward towards a solution more effectively. Includes materials (presentation, self assessment templates, strengths reports,  goal setting, follow-up group chat). 

Price: $165 per Session. Discounts available for multi-groups within the same organization.


Lunch & Learn

Available for Humanly Positive @ WORK and @ SCHOOL. Consistent of training sessions of 1.5 hours during lunch hours on the following topics:

  • Goal setting for positive change
  • Everything is Focus
  • The Spark of Intention
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Present Mind Happy Mind 
  • Choose to Choose

Price: $165 per Session. 


Being Humanly Positive

Available for Humanly Positive @ HOME. Group classes where you will learn tools and techniques to help you build on the positive aspects of your life and your character strengths, which will expand your perspective for solutions and lead the way for you to achieve your goals for positive change.  Topics include:

  • Introduction to Positive Psychology
  • Self-compassion & Gratitude
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Character Strengths & Life satisfaction
  • Goal setting for positive change

Price: $125 for 5 classes of 1.5 hours



 Available for Humanly Positive @ WORK and @ SCHOOL. Consistent of  1-Day or 1/2-Day Workshops which can be customized depending on specific department needs. Some topics may include:

  • Humanly Positive at Work
  • Character Strengths for Life satisfaction
  • Developing Happiness at Work 
  • Goal setting for Positive Change
  • Awakening the HERO in you!

Price: $475 for 1/2-Day / $799 for 1-Day  


En Español! Circulo de Realizacion Personal

Certified Trainer in CRP (Circulo de Realizacion Personal). Life methodology in Spanish consistent of 6 strategies that teach individuals  how to control its own vibration (thoughts, imagination, words and emotions) to attune and amplify their focus on what generates well-being therefore consciously creating the life they desire. CRP consist of 6 weekly 2-hour classes, once a week, for groups from 5 to 10 people.

Price: $150 for 6 classes of 2 hours each