My Gift of Gratitude

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This is a 52-day gratitude practice using cards. There is one card for each day which will allow you to reflect and raise your awareness of all the blessings inside you and around you. This is my gift to you. A warm invitation for you to experience it, enjoy it, embrace it, and pass it along to those you love, so it becomes YOUR gift of gratitude. 

Gratitude is a powerful elevated positive emotion that allows us to enjoy the great things in life, inside us and around us. Life, for example, is the greatest gift of all. We have been blessed with life, with the opportunity to experience this amazing world we call planet Earth. When we are grateful, our attention shifts to all that is positive in our lives, and our energy follows which means you will engage in activities that will feel good. The Greater Good Science Center (University of California Berkeley) offers plenty of information on the benefits of a gratitude practice (check their white paper “The Science of Gratitude” published in 2018). 




  1. This Gratitude practice has been designed to last 52 days. There is one card for each day.
  2. If you would like to measure the impact on your wellbeing level, I recommend you take a happiness or gratitude test before and after the practice.
  3. Every day, pick one card at a time that is best for you, for example when waking up or before going to sleep. Read the card and reflect for a couple of minutes how the card relates to your specific experience and visualize in your mind a situation you lived related to the card. 
  4. This practice is a mental exercise and does not require writing. However, since keeping a gratitude journal has been proven to increase levels of wellbeing, it is optional but recommended that you write your reflections each day. If you decide to write, I offer a free gratitude journal in pdf format that you can download here.


Evaluate your Gratitude levels!

Authentic Happiness Center


 If you would like to measure the impact on your level of wellbeing, I recommend you take a happiness or gratitude test before and after the practice to see improvement in results for yourself. The University of Pennsylvania’s Authentic Happiness Questionnaire Center surveys, such as the General Happiness Scale, Gratitude Survey, or Satisfaction with Life Scale developed by their Positive Psychology Center. I will be conducting research with 100 people, which will be documented with before and after results. If you would like to participate, please drop us a line.

Take a Gratitude Quizz


 Are you truly grateful for the good things in your life—or do you take them for granted?

Grateful people are happy people, research shows. But how grateful are you? To find out—and discover steps for promoting even more gratitude in your life—take this quiz, which is based on a scale developed by psychologists Mitchel Adler and Nancy Fagley. 

Would you like a Gratitude Talk on your next Event?

Drop us a line! We have a Gratitude Talk explaining the research behind gratitude, the benefits, real-life experiences, and the practices so that your audience gets inspired to foster gratitude as a proven way to increase wellbeing and life satisfaction, which impacts positively any activity at work, home or school.

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