About Us

My personal story

Welcome! My name is Yaroslav Aristeiguieta, originally from Venezuela. However, I consider myself a multicultural person, since I have also lived in Portugal in my teenage years and currently in the United States the last 20 years. My career has been mostly developed in the Corporate world. I have an MBA in International Business with over 30 years of experience in several multinational companies in the fields of Accounting, Marketing, Sales Support, Product Management, Import/Export Logistics, and Supply Chain. Besides my career, I developed a passion about psychology, personal growth, spirituality and well-being since I was in high school and have researched and studied diverse educational materials on these topics. Today, I’m a Positive Psychology Coach from the Wholebeing Institute and am currently working towards my certification to be completed in 2018.

Why I created this space?

What encouraged me to follow the path of Positive Psychology and create this space were really my kids. I’m a mother of two and one of them is now a teenager. I remember all the struggles I had in my adolescence and how this knowledge helped me cope and overcome many obstacles, even through my adulthood. So, I decided to become a voice and support not only to my kids, my husband, relatives and friends, but to any person that would like to learn from me how to apply positive psychology concepts in their lives (at Work, at Home or at School), which have been proven to make a difference toward living a more successful, happier and meaningful life. This will be my legacy, I want to plant seeds in people’s consciousness by offering knowledge, experience and support to help them thrive and flourish as human beings, benefiting society and contributing to a better WORLD.

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